Getting Started
Here's a quick getting started guide just to get you on your feet and explain how to get the best experience you can.

On Join

Upon joining your server, Tempo will send a message to the channel that has the most recent message in it, this is to make it obvious that your act of inviting the bot was actually successful.
This embed contains everything you should need to get started.
If Tempo doesn't send a message, it's likely he doesn't have message send permissions, you can check if this is the case by pinging him directly.

Command System

Tempo has a wide variety of commands all in an aim to enhance your user experience. All commands must be ran with the following format unless otherwise specified
Please note that the > before the command name is assumed to be your prefix in this instance, please replace it with whatever prefix you have set.
>command <arguments> [optionalArguments]
You must not include <> or [] when running commands.
If an argument is surrounded in <> that means that it's required for the commands function.
If it's surrounded in [ ] that means it's completely optional or is based on previous arguments given to run the command.

Playing your first song

We've tried to make things simple to use whilst also giving you control of what happens in your voice channel. To get started with playing music you must first join the voice channel of your choice.
You can search for a song using the play search / url command
Once you've made your search, Tempo will respond with a list containing the top 10 results in what was returned. In order to choose the song you want, you have to respond with the number next to it. So if you want the first song, type 1, if you want the second song, type 2, if you want the 3rd then type 3... all the way up to 10.
Should Tempo not give any results, or not the results you were looking for then please give a more specific search term or the direct link to the song instead.
To get the best results possible it is adivseable to be as specific as can be when searching.
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