Player Controls
Here you'll get to know what each button does to give you the best experience possible.

What do the buttons do?

You'll notice, that after you start your song you'll get a pretty embed with some reactions on it. The reactions on the embeds are there to aid in performing some common tasks such as skipping, play / pause, going back a song, etc.
Here you'll find out what each little button does so you can better understand how Tempo works.
If the message doesn't have reactions on it, please check that Tempo has Add Reactions and Use External Emojis permissions.
If DJ only mode is enabled, the only DJ's will be able to use these reactions. Anyone attempting to use them will be logged with a ping telling them they can't do that.

Going Back

If you're listening to auto play or forgot to put your song on loop, going back in time in this case is a very simple task, the first button on the embed achieves this very simply. All you have to do is click and Tempo will begin playling the previous song.
You can go as far back as to the beginning of the queue.

Play / Pause

If you need to pause the music for a quick moment, that too is very simple. Clicking the 2nd icon in the list will either pause or resume the player depending on if it was playing or paused before.
So if the music was paused and you clicked the reaction, it would then resume the active track.


The default system in Tempo for skipping requires at least half the voice channel to vote in order to skip. Once at least half has voted, then the next track will be played. DJ's however are immune to this default behaviour and can instead skip immediately without requireing a vote.
The reaction below can be used to start a skip vote or to immediately skip the song if you're a DJ
This default behaviour can be changed with use of the settings command.
The setting for this behaviour is called skip_voting

Stopping The Music

If you're done with your music and wish for Tempo to leave the voice channel, clicking the below reaction will trigger this behaviour and Tempo will automatically leave, clearing any and every song you had queued up.
Premium users can use the savequeue and loadqueue commands to listen to music that was previously queued. Additionally, if Tempo goes offline for a Reboot then he will automatically rejoin and continue playing where he left off.
Buy premium here: https://tempobot.net/premium

Song Looping

Song looping is very simple, once enabled the current song will continue to loop indefinitely up until the point where the song is either skipped or looping is disabled.

Queue Repeat

If you've got a long playlist that you can listen to endlessly, then you can use the repeat functionality to do that. Once a song has been played it is automatically added back to the end of the queue to be re played at another point.

Favouriting - PREMIUM

Tempo comes with its own playlist system, where you can add songs either to your own personal playlist, or to the guilds playlist. Songs in your personal playlist you can use in any guild Tempo is in regardless of it being premium or not. Guild playlists are only useable in Guild's whose owner has an active subscription and are specific to that Guild.
If you want to add the current song to the guilds playlist, then you can use the heart reaction to do so.

Auto Play - PREMIUM

If you're up for listening to something new, Tempo features an auto play system where we take the last 5 tracks which were played and query YouTube for similar tracks to keep the music none stop.
You can enable auto play by clicking the magnifying glass reaction, once enabled then when the song queue is empty, Tempo will search for related tracks.